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MSVR launches 2011 season in style

Wednesday, February 23 2011

Drivers, teams, media and fans gathered at Brands Hatch today (Wednesday) for the first ever dedicated season launch for MotorSport Vision (MSVR), the racing division of MSV.

Since its inception in March 2006, MSVR has become the country's fastest growing race meeting organiser, and it will organise 32 events in 2011 across eight UK circuits.

MSVR also operates a number of the UK's most successful and prestigious club racing series and championships, and 20 of these categories were present at the season launch to take part in a press conference with MSV Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer.

"We're fortunate in Britain that we have this wonderful industry of club racing and MSVR is a very important part of our activities," said Palmer. "My racing career started as a club driver and MSVR has been very dear to my heart. Our team does a fantastic job to really focus on providing value and quality for competitors. Whether you're a driver, part of a team or a championship, it's really good fun being part of MSVR and that's why it has become the fastest expanding club in the country."

Several MSVR series chose took the opportunity to make announcements regarding their aprogrammes this year including the EV Cup, the world's first zero emission electric vehicle racing series, which revealed that Lord Paul Drayson would switch from the ALMS to run a Westfield iRacer in the pioneering series this year.

Drayson, a tour de force for environmentally friendly motorsport, commented: "Drayson Racing have paved the way in green racing over the past four years with second generation biofuels and we have been looking at electric vehicle technologies for a while, waiting for the technology to mature and for the right time to enter this exciting new field. The team at EV Cup have taken a bold step forwards to create the world's first electric racing series. As one of the world's leading green motorsport teams, we want to be a part of it and we want to win it!"

Other news included the launch of the Team Trophy, a graduate series to the hugely successful Club MSV Trackday Trophy, and the welcome of five further new categories to the MSVR portfolio including the Radical UK and Clubman's Cup and the MINI Challenge.

Members of the media then had the opportunity to take part in a number of high speed passenger rides in vehicles from the Lotus on Track Elise Trophy, Trackday Trophy, Golf GTI Championship and VAG Trophy, Project 8 Racing, Trofeo Abarth 500 GB Championship, Radical UK Cup and Clubman's Cup, EV Cup, MINI Challenge and Heritage Grand Touring Car Challenge.

Phil Abbbott, co-founder of Radical, was just one of the personalities attending the day to praise MSVR's commitment to British motorsport.

"When the recession hit, we realised we had to be a bit more customer focussed and we noticed that MSVR was driven by that exact thing," he said. "Joining MSVR has meant the world to us - it's already worked magic because, after struggling with smaller grids for the past two years, the problem seems to have magically disappeared. We have virtually a full grid with 38 SR3s alone and we've had to take second grids for the SR8s. The customer focussed nature of MSVR has made these numbers sort of happen automatically and we're really pleased by the uptake for this year."

MSVR will host its first race meeting at Brands Hatch on 30 April/1 May. Tickets are now on sale from £10 for adults, with free entry for children aged 12 and under.

For more information, click on the link below to visit the MSVR website.