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Convoy in the Park: Trucks thrill on Saturday at Donington Park

Saturday, August 21 2021

Two races from the British Truck Racing Championship were the centrepiece of Saturday's Convoy in the Park action at Donington Park.

The first contest was won by the MAN TGX 12000 machine of David Jenkins, who blasted past pole sitter Martin Gibson on the first lap. Jenkins rubbed wheels with his rival on the exit of Redgate but secured the lead and led every lap from there. It wasn't quite so simple for Gibson, who fell to third behind John Newell on lap six.

Gibson regained the position a couple of laps later when Newell's truck hit technical trouble, with Gibson closing the lead gap down over the final three laps to finish within a second of Jenkins at the flag. Reigning champion Ryan Smith claimed third.

Smith then looked to have secured the honours in the delayed second trucks contest of the day, held in tricky damp conditions. But a technical problem for the five time title holder caused him to drop down the order and handed Gibson victory from fifth on the grid ahead of Mark Taylor and Steve Thomas.

The trucks will race on three further occasions tomorrow (Sunday).

As well as the truck contests, there was further action from the Legends Cars Championship, Caterhams, Pickup Trucks and the Silverlake Citroen C1 Series. The CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship will join the bill tomorrow in place of the C1s.

As well as the racing, the off track Convoy in the Park activity kicked off on Saturday, with plenty of family fun including the frenzied live action arena on the Tarmac Lake, hundreds of show trucks arriving at the venue, plus a busy funfair and manufacturer areas.

The off track fun will continue on Sunday, with the addition of the ever-popular Caravan Smash at the Live Action Arena! 

British Truck Racing Championship, Race 1, Top 6
1. David Jenkins, MAN TGX, 11 laps
2. Martin Gibson, MAN TGX, +0.934s
3. Ryan Smith, Mercedes Actros, +15.834s
4. Steven Thomas, MAG TGA, +23.120s
5. Mark Taylor, MAN TGA, +25.762s
6. Jonathan Willis, MAN TGA, +27.943s

British Truck Racing Championship, Race 2, Top 6
1. Martin Gibson, MAN TGX, 4 laps
2. Mark Taylor, MAN TGA, +2.571s
3. Steven Thomas, MAN TGA, +3.967s
4. David Jenkins, MAN TGX, +6.144s
5. Tom O'Rourke, MAN TGA, +6.780s
6. John Newell, MAN TGS, +7.272s

Click here for full results. 

Tomorrow's on track action starts at 09.10, while the first truck race is due to start at 10.40. Tickets will be available upon arrival at the venue, click here for full information.