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Show trucks aim for a record at Convoy in the Park

Tuesday, July 18 2017

There will be many things to see at Convoy in the Park - which is run alongside the British Truck Racing Championship at Donington Park this weekend - but one of the most spectacular will be the show trucks.

At Convoy in the Park there will be hundreds of trucks on display. From the giant and heavily-customised American trucks, through to classics of yesteryear, there will be something for truck fans of all ages to see.

There will also be hundreds of working - but immaculately maintained - trucks that will be back on the road come Monday. These trucks - in liveries you've probably seen travelling up and down the country - are kept in top condition by their drivers, who often spend hours, if not days, cleaning and polishing their rigs. The drivers will be with their trucks too and are often only too happy to stop and chat about them.

There are 25 show truck categories at Convoy in the Park, and the competition is sure to be strong - but friendly - to see who comes out on top with the judges.

At the end of the weekend, the trucks will take to the Donington track to try and form the world's largest ever convoy of trucks, which will be well worth staying for.

Meanwhile, while the fifth round of the 2017 British Truck Racing Championship truck is the on-track centerpiece of the weekend, there will also be plenty going on elsewhere as part of Convoy in the Park. For instance, there will be live music on both days - everything from punk to rockabilly to alt-country - eating competitions, truck stunts, a kids zone and much more. A full trade exhibition will take place as well.

There will also be the chance to see a world record, as Swedish manufacturer Scania is planning to set a record for the largest gathering of trucks of a single make in one place.

"The show trucks are an amazing spectacle," said Dan Parton, editor of Truck & Driver magazine. "From the huge customised American trucks to the everyday working truck that the driver takes pride in and keeps in top condition, they are all well worth seeing.

"But there is much more to Convoy in the Park - from the British Truck Racing Championship to live music - and the event is designed to celebrate everything that is great about the trucks and drivers in a fun, family-friendly way."